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Health Club & Restaurant

The objective of this project is to utilize the skills acquired over the course of our college career, to design a site for the respective buildings. This project incorporated building design, site design, grading, landscaping, schedules and overall knowledge of building code. The following presentation demonstrates the requirements for this project, as well as the thought process behind the design.

Project Criteria

  • Site

    • Provide proper entrance and parking for both buildings​

    • Provide Fire-Access Lanes for each building

    • Show proper walkways leading to the buildings

    • Show proper landscaping and buffer zones to neighboring properties

    • Grade the site at a maximum of 8% slope, parking grading is to be maximum 5%, use retaining walls as required

    • Show proper drainage and sanitary systems for the site

    • Provide trash disposal for both buildings

  • Health Club

    • Maximize the size of the building as allowable

    • Provide various spaces for health club users

    • Provide locker rooms (showers optional) for health club guests

    • Provide accessory courts to building (ex. basketball, handball and tennis)

  • Restaurant

    • Design a building within 3,500 square feet​

    • Maximize number of occupants/patrons

    • Create a drive thru lane for minimum 12 cars

Lessons in Ethics

The attached PowerPoints provide insight for the ethical dilemmas a professional may face while in the design, bidding or construction process. An analysis of a case study is provided as well. 

Code of Ethics Analysis

Case Study

Introductory Information

The following sheets contain information pertaining to the project scope, code analysis, general notes, project location, and the sheet directory.

Site Layout

This section shows the existing and proposed conditions for 40 Hill Street in Glen Cove, NY. For this project, we utilized Town of Islip codes and regulations.

Health Club

The Glen Cove health club, named "Phit Physiques" features a gymnasium, dance studio, exercise room and various outdoor courts, providing activities for inside and out. 


This drive-thru restaurant features various options of dining and pick up. Outdoors, we have a pick-up window, which has become very popular due to COVID, a pergola with outdoor seating, indoor seating featuring booth seating, bar stools or standard chairs and drive-thru ordering and pickup.

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